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  • Kenmok Real Estate
  • Kenmok Real Estate

Welcome to the Kenmok (PNG) Ltd Official Website

Kenmok is a Papua New Guinea company based in Port Moresby. It started its operations in 2000 with security and real estate. In 2007 Kenmok Ltd sold its security business. This option was taken to remobilise its resources to concentrate on the real estate business.

Kenmok Real Estate is now amongst the few successful nationally-owned real estate companies that grew in the last 10 years with the country. It has overcome many challenges and harnesses the many opportunities created by the steady growth of the country's economy in the last 10 years.

Kenmok is now expanding its portfolio to include engineering, constructions, finance and lending. The company's portfolio now includes:

1. Real Estate

  • Acquisition and sale of residential and investment properties and land
  • Placements of tenants of offices and residential properties
  • Building maintenance, renovations and constructions
  • Leasing of offices and residential properties
  • Landscaping

2. Engineering, Constructions Works

  • Steeling fabrication and framing for building constructions, bridges constructions, etc.
  • Fencing (spike fencing and trim decking)
  • Stone walling
  • Footpath constructions
  • Drainage and waterway constructions
  • Road constructions
  • Electrical wiring, lighting, etc.
  • Installation & servicing of stand-by & stand-alone gen-sets
  • Plumbing
  • General engineering

3. Financial Lending

  • Provide short-term personal and school fee loans
  • Other financial services available

Talk to us for your needs in properties, land, engineering, road and bridge work, constructions, and short-term financial loans.