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Success Story

Mr. Mok is the company’s sole owner and Managing Director.
Mr. Mok has a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Majoring in Politics, Public Administration and Economics from the University of Papua New Guinea in 1989.
He also attained various Certificates in (DSE International Project Management under the auspices of the (GTZ) of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1994.
In 1995 he attained certificate in Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) Loans, Processes and Procedures under the auspicious of the Japanese OECF/JBIC of Tokyo, Japan.

Joe hails from the Kopon Kopi tribe of Dei District, Western Highlands Province. He is the first successful businessman from his tribe and represents a truly rare feat for the Kopon Kopi tribe from the outback Baiyer Valley of Western Highlands.
His status today belies his humble beginnings. Mr Mok had an unforgiving start to his life. As a child he would walk ten (10) kilometers to and from school (Epp Las to Mun Primary School, Dei District, WHP) and without proper breakfast or lunch. He had no extra clothing as his parents were rural subsistence farmers. Today at the comfort of his Head office at Koitachi Haus he emotionally recalls his difficult upbringing. “Sometimes I was not given proper breakfast. I had one pair of trousers and when it was torn I would still wear it until I had some money. I never wear shoes or thongs”.
Joe had built his riches from working the land with so much sacrifice. He literally defeated some of earth’s purest lusts to build a legacy for himself, his tribe, his province and his country. His outback people were surprised when he returned home armed with a degree from the University of PNG when his peers were striking rewarding jobs. After graduating he saw the world of opportunity was there but he simply wanted to return back to his village and work the land (1989-1992). With dreams like that of the Great Martin Luther King. Joe Kenken Mok had his dream to become a Businessman but did not have the capital to start. The only conviction was for him to return home and realize his dream through his land.
His parents bred many pigs for his bride price but he asked them to surrender them all so that he would sell them off. From the proceeds he bought cheery coffee, raised chicken and cultivated the arable Tiki Valley. He bluntly told his parents that he was not ready to be a husband. Joe returned to Port Moresby in June 1992 with some money but not enough to embark on a big business deal. So he bought a second hand 25 seater PMV bus and commenced his PMV business and at the same time sought employment with the Office of International Development Assistance (OIDA) under the Department of Finance and Planning.
Joe worked as a public servant (1992-2000) working with the then Department of National Planning & Implementation as Assistant Secretary, Bilateral Branch, Foreign Aid Management Division. He coincidently ran a booming PMV business while still working as a Senior Public servant. Joe eventually resigned in June 2000 when realizing that his PMV business has grown to a sizable fleet that needed his stewardship. Joe disposed his PMV business and eventually registered Kenmok Security Services Ltd to venture into Security business when realizing that running costs of vehicles were high.
The security business was lucrative but it came with huge prices and sacrifices which prompted him to sell his Security business again in 2007. Joe diverted all his attention to the Real Estate business, thus registering the Kenmok Real Estate Today Kenmok (PNG) Limited owns properties valued well over K60 Million in Port Moresby.
Its trade Marks are the three level PNG Electoral Commission Headquarters at Frangipani Street, Hohola, the three level Koitachi Haus at Gordons along the Freeway which houses the Coordination Office of Bougainville Affairs (COBA),Investigation Task Force Sweep (ITFS), Ipatas Foundation and Magi Seafood Restaurant and the recently completed three level Nuana Vista Executive Apartments on Nuana Road Gordons. Kenmok also owns and leases residential properties in Gordons, Hohola, Gerehu, Korobosea and Touguba Hill. Apart from managing its own properties, Kenmok Real Estate do also sales and Leases for client’s properties. Construction and maintenance of properties for clients is also one of its core business as well.
Joe is the pride and an asset of his tribal community. He supports and participates in community activities. One such activity is his involvement to transform his Tiki Community. He envisages that one day his community will be a peace loving and a progressive community.

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